Dr. Kim

Meet Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim was born in South Korea but grew up in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Throughout her life she received acupuncture treatments from her grandfather. Her grandfather had treated numerous family and friends at his home, and to this day still reads ancient Oriental Medicine textbooks. Early in Dr. Kim’s career working as an insurance claims biller, she realized she wanted to do more within the health industry. Being in awe of her grandfather’s knowledge, she decided to become an acupuncturist. She moved to California and found a great acupuncture program that also introduced her to the chiropractic world.

She graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences with her Doctorate in Chiropractic and Masters in Acupuncture. In her spare time, she likes to check out the latest trends in fitness and health. Her goals are to address and treat the root of conditions and help educate patients in leading healthy lives.