Should you see a chiropractor care after a personal injury?

Should you see a chiropractor care after a personal injury?

El Segundo Herald: By Duane Plank

March 30, 2023

El Segundo chiropractor Dr. Homan Diba did not see his career path pointing in the direction of…well, becoming a chiropractor.  In fact, Diba, moved to the states with his family from Iran when he was five, landing in the San Fernando Valley, and was thisclose, to nabbing a degree at California University Northridge, that would have launched him into the field of law, with an emphasis on business. But he had become bored with the business law classes and curriculum and decided to pursue his passion. Here are a few previously published quotes from Diba about his career choice: “I noticed that I was not happy and did not feel like I was on the right path. The courses were boring and did not pique my interest like I expected,” he said. “I was going through a crisis and needed to pursue my passion, which was health and wellness. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the go-to person in my family to loosen up tight, aching muscles through my muscle work and selftaught soft tissue techniques. There had to be a profession that suited my strengths and dealing with the human body.” As Diba was teetering on the finish line of receiving his business degree, he decided to delve into the medical field of Chiropractic. In 2004, he decided to roll the career dice. He enrolled in the Chiropractic Program at Cleveland Chiropractic College, where he graduated in 2008 with a bachelor’s in Human Biology and a doctorate in Chiropractic. “I found my calling, which was Chiropractic,” he said while noting that he took an accelerated program of study that allowed him to get his degree quickly

After graduating, Diba joined a multispecialty clinic in Redondo Beach where “I was immediately recognized for my hands-on soft tissue techniques and adjusting skills,” he said. Diba said that when working with his clients, he always looks to find “the cause of the problem, and not just [making] an adjustment.” In 2022, Diba, decided to start his practice in El Segundo, having built his client base in Redondo Beach. Like many folks, Diba said he was barely aware of the possibilities of building a business in El Segundo, zooming down PCH to his office in Redondo Beach.

But he would ofttimes stop in El Segundo to eat at the old Sizzler restaurant on what was then Sepulveda and Mariposa and ponder the idea of opening his own office. But, at that time, office vacancies in the area were scarce. But when COVID ravaged the world, many small businesses, unfortunately, went belly-up, and Diba was able to lease an office. Far from the stressful wear-and-tear of the corporate business law grind, Diba says he “loves my clients as family. It is not so much about the money,” he said. “As long as you take care of the patient, the money will come. I try to ensure that every patient who walks through these doors gets better in the least amount of time. Here are a few of Diba’s satisfied customers’ thoughts: Nikki L’Heureux said, “I have known Dr. Diba since he first started practicing, probably 10 to 15 years. He was just getting his practice started.

Dr. Diba has a special active release technique,” she emailed, “and muscle work to release tight muscles. The benefit is that it releases muscle tension and allows for a complete adjustment that holds much longer. He’s not the typical chiro that sees you for 10 min, adjusts you and you leave and still have aches and pains. Dr. Homan from front page Keaton Ciccarelli Lowe, an El Segundo local, won the judge’s award. While this was his first time entering a cooking contest, he is the founder of Keat’s Barbecue.

Julia Cohen won the people’s choice award with her Chili Vanilli, using a new recipe she found. The cook off was her first attempt at this award-winning chili. “He spends quality time with his patients making sure they feel better leaving than they did coming in. Dr. Diba has worked on my whole family, in-laws, friends, and a fair share of parents from my kid’s classmates. You won’t be disappointed.  “Over the years, Dr. Diba has been able to help me live a more productive life. I am not a typical patient. As for myself, ongoing maintenance is a necessity for me to live a functional life. “Every time you walk into Dr. Diba’s office, you will come out feeling better than when you came in or sore until the next day. After a day then you feel amazingly better.

He’s no joke. His muscle work is key to better results but not always pleasant. It’s like he’s doing physical therapy and chiropractor treatment all at once. Brianna Musgrove and her mother, Brenda, are satisfied clients of Diba. Brianna has been utilizing Diba’s services for ten years. “he really cares about his patients,” she said while noting that her mother and two of her aunts also sing the praises of Diba. Musgrove recently suffered an ankle injury, which Diba has been treating. Musgrove estimates she sees Diba “three or four times a week. He tries to get to the root of the problem.” Diba said that he hopes that “each patient that walks through these doors gets better in the least amount of time”. Diba touts the chiropractic pathway for most folks with specific ailments instead of the old not-sotried-and-true avenue of surgery, or prescribed drugs to cure infirmities. “You can get better naturally,” he said, “through the right diagnosis and treatments. I love my job,” he concluded, “it does not feel like work. My patients are my extended family.”

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