Dr. Homan Diba, D.C

Dr. Homan Diba, D.C is the Senior Staff Doctor and Director of the Align Clinic. He is a board-certified chiropractic physician whom specializes in non-invasive, non-surgical, and drugless pain therapy.

He completed his undergraduate studies and received his Bachelors in Human Biology (B.S.) and Doctorate degree in Chiropractic (D.C.) from Cleveland Chiropractic University.

Dr. Diba is not your average chiropractor and has often been called the “Miracle Worker” by many of his patients. Over the years, he has developed his own unique hands-on approach for soft tissue therapy and is knowledgeable in various adjusting/manipulative techniques to help resolve both acute and chronic pain. With over 14 years of experience and treatment of thousands of patients, Dr. Dibas’ interest lies in the proper examination, diagnoses and treatment of his patients to effectively deliver the most comprehensive treatment plans for all types of injuries.

He has received specialized training in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of complex pain disorders including herniated/degenerated discs, arthritic joint disorders, muscle/nerve conditions, Temporomandibular Joint Disease(TMJ) and headaches. Dr. Diba has also completed post-graduate programs in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports and occupational injuries (repetitive/cumulative trauma).

Dr. Diba is often invited to participate as a volunteer in events both at schools, fortune 500 companies and gyms to speak about various subjects from injury prevention to proper lifting techniques. His current patient population includes working professionals (Boeing, Space X, Mattel, Ratheon, Northrop Grumman), entertainment celebrities, professional athletes, LAX employees (American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines), firefighters and Police officers.
As an athlete in High School and College, he was in the Tennis, lifting and Football teams and has always enjoyed competitive sports. Now his main passion is helping the community follow their passion in sports and function at their best potential.
Dr. Diba believes that patients should not be treated as just a number and acknowledges that every condition is unique and different for every individual. He remains committed and dedicated to research and sound clinical practice in integrative pain and rehabilitative medicine to combine different, proven complementary approaches to relieving acute and chronic pain and promote healthy living for his community.

His favorite quote: “If you don’t dedicate TIME for WELLNESS, you will be FORCED to make time for your ILLNESS”